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Best Practices for Project Pricing in KITS

Project pricing can be just as important as creating great renderings and VR panoramas. Here are recommended best practices for project pricing when creating your estimation using Quick Sheets.

Update your KITS Mobile version to the most current version available.

For Apple iOS devices, if your App Store is not already set to automatically update, you can search for KITS Mobile and download the most current version available. For Windows 10 devices, visit our KITS For Windows 10 page to download or update KITS Mobile to your device.

Make sure to sync (download) the most current available manufacturer catalogs and galleries.
  • KITS will notify you via the Notification Bell or in the Catalog Subscription screen of any updates available.
  • Creating a weekly sync routine can ensure that you always have the most current updated pricing available in KITS as well as update your projects on our cloud.

Take a look at our article on Syncing Manufacturer Catalogs for more information on syncing your catalog and gallery updates.

Validate project pricing with your preferred quotation tool.
  • Before you provide your client with an estimation using Quick Sheet, always do your due diligence and validate project pricing with your manufacturer rep, customer service team or by exporting the project SIF to your preferred quotation tool.

Following these recommendations will help you provide your client with great visuals and project estimations.

The KITS pricing validation feature will do the following:

  1. Every time a saved project is opened, KITS will compare each line items configured list price (Base List Price + Option Upcharges) to your currently downloaded catalog.
  2. An additional pricing validation will be completed when you invoke any of these functions:
    • Create a Quick Sheet estimation.
    • Share Project to another KITS user.
    • Export AutoCAD (DXF + SIF).
  3. If any pricing discrepancies are found, a window will prompt you to select the required action. Your options will be Do not update or Update. The selection will be applied to all the records in highlighted in the price discrepancy warning screen.
    • Update will change the Project List Price to match your currently downloaded catalog.
    • Do Not Update will not make any changes to the existing Project List for any items.
    • By not updating the project, you are acknowledging that you are aware of the pricing discrepancy and wish to keep the existing project pricing.
  4. If a project is shared that contains a pricing discrepancy, KITS pricing validation feature will adjust the configured project price against the recipients currently downloaded catalog.

Quick Sheet is a great way to provide your client with a project estimation including HD quality visuals. When required to provide a formal dealer quote for the project estimate, users should follow your existing company procedures to provide the client with a formal quote. Quick Sheet should only be used to provide your client with an estimated project price.