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Setting Your ‘Default File Export’ Preference (User Profile Level)

With The KITS collaborator, users can export any project created in the scene builder into a Generic SIF File. This includes a DXF and SIF that can be sent directly to a designer for seamless collaboration.

All users have their Export SIF preference set to the default setting, Generic SIF File. However, you can easily change the SIF file format for individual projects to fit specific requirements. Learn more about setting your Export SIF preference (per project) here.

If you require all projects to export into a specific SIF file format, you will need to make changes to your User Profile. Follow the steps outlined below to set your ‘Default File Export’ preference:

1 | Login to with your KITS username and password credentials.

Note: The KITS collaborator – Web is only compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

2 | Click My Profile located in the top right-hand corner of your browser

3 | Under My Profile settings, scroll down and locate Default File Export. Here you can use the drop down menu to select the default type of SIF for all your future projects. You can chose from a Legacy SIF, Spec SIF, Generic SIF or Project Matrix SIF.

4 | When you’ve made your selection, scroll down and click Update Default Settings to save any changes you’ve made.