Get Ready, Version 2.3.23 is Here!

A new update is headed your way! As mentioned in our last knowledgecentre post, KITS Mobile version 2.3.23 will be available for download on September 29th. This newest update will provide iOS 9 compatibility, reduced sync time and miscellaneous bug fixes. Due to the recent iOS 9 release for all Apple devices, this KITS update will be mandatory for all users.  Your KITS Mobile app will notify you when your current version requires an update and you will be unable to sync your KITS Mobile app without updating to 2.3.23.

Don’t worry, your projects will not be affected and there are some exciting new features that you may have not experienced yet. If you haven’t upgraded your KITS Mobile app in a while, here are some new features you’ll find in the 2.3.23 update…

Improved ‘Add Item’ Screen

Give your client a whole new visual experience by browsing high quality renderings of items and typicals to find the best solution. If you are not familiar with how to navigate through this new Add Item screen you can watch a recording of our Visual Search Webinar hosted by Product App Specialist, Franklin. You can also watch our quick tutorial video below:

Sync Details

We’ve added a visual countdown for users to gauge how long a sync will take. KITS will display how many items are remaining before a full sync is complete. For example, when the countdown displays ‘Items remaining 0 of 37745’ our sync is complete and all subscribed content is available to use.

New Environment Photos

Show off your projects in these brand new sample environments. From 2,500 to 10,000 sq. ft. you can plan endless designs for any opportunity.

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