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Introducing Artcobell: Collaborative Conversion

We are excited to announce that Artcobell has launched a brand new gallery of pre-configured planning typicals ready for you to use in The KITS collaborator. Planning typicals are a great way for building a scene in a time efficient manner helping you speed up the sales process. Now available for all users, sync Artcobells impressive gallery today!

For over 90+ years, Artcobell designs and builds classroom furniture that enhances and promotes a productive learning environment. As a leading business in design and innovation, Artcobell sets a new standard for the ultimate collaborative learning environment.

Accessing Artcobells Planning Typicals

From the Catalog Subscriptions screen on your iPad or Windows 10 device, tap Planning Typicals under the Publisher list and find Artcobell: Collaborative Conversion. Tap the radio button beside the Artcobell planning typical so it turns blue with a check mark, and then tap Sync Now.

A Few Ideas to Consider

Explore the gallery from the Add Item Menu, and find Artcobell: Collaborative Conversion. Discover their range of configurations that will transform any classroom into a highly collaborative learning space.By using Artcobells planning typicals, build your clients vision by simply dragging and dropping a pre-configured layout, perfect for any classroom setting. To customize any piece of furniture in the scene, tap on the item to browse all the fabrics and finishes that are available.