iOS 11 Compatibility with KITS Mobile

Apple released iOS 11 in late September and their 11.0.1 update this week to address minor bug fixes. The new operating software brings updated features and a new look to the iPad interface. For KITS users, our latest version of KITS Mobile (v. 2.4.01) is fully compatible with iOS 11 and ready to be downloaded.

Please note: iOS 11 is not compatible with iPad 3rd or 4th generation. For the full list of iPad compatibility with KITS Mobile click here.

KITS Mobile Latest Version: 2.4.01
Visit the App Store to Download.

To update to iOS 11 tap Settings > General > Software Update. You will need at least 50% battery power to start the update process.

Our Favorite iOS 11 Feature

You can now edit a screenshot instantly with the ability to add notes and draw directly on the image. A great feature for adding quick notes to your KITS Mobile renderings, capture a screenshot and tap the thumbnail in the lower left corner of your iPad display. It will open the picture which you can then mark up, annotate and share.

Interested in learning about more feature for iOS 11? Check out Apple’s Guide to iOS 11.

Q. What if I don’t upgrade to iOS 11?
If your device remains on iOS 10, it will continue to receive security updates and patches, but no future software updates. Also, new features available in iOS 11 will not be available for iOS 10. Your KITS Mobile app will remain compatible on iOS 10, however, new updates and functions for the tool may not be compatible with the older operating software.