Build Faster with Layout Aids

Whether you’re building a workstation, adding a few decorative items from the KOE catalog, or simply placing a chair under a desk – there are two very important layout aids that will simplify the placement and alignment of your furniture pieces. Snap To and Collision Prevention are easy to use and will help you build your layouts efficiently.

The outline you see surrounding each item is called a bounding box. This indicates the items that you have tapped on and selected for editing. Bounding boxes can be blue, red or green and each color corresponds with a different behavior.

A blue bounding box indicates the item currently selected that is active and can be edited. Multiple items can be selected using the Select+ button and will behave like grouped items as they remain selected.

A red bounding box indicates the items that are grouped together. Grouped items can be moved and rotated together.

A green bounding box indicates an item that is currently selected within a set of grouped items. This also indicates the item being active and can be edited.

Switching from 3D View to List View will also illustrate if an item has a blue, red or green bounding box. While in List View, a single tap will select the item and indicate its bounding box. Double tapping an item will select the item, indicate the bounding box and also open the edit menu for further specifications.

What is Snap To?

When dragging items close to each other, having Snap To ON will force both items to automatically “snap” and align together. When this feature is OFF, items will not automatically attach with one another, giving you more control over the placement of each item.

What is Collision Prevention?

Collision Prevention will stop items from intercepting one another. When this feature is on, the bounding boxes of each furniture item will not be able to overlap. Turning this feature off is ideal for when you are dragging items closer together, for example, placing a chair under a work surface.

You can also watch our quick tutorial that shows you how both of these layout aids work…

You can easily turn these layout aids on and off at any time by accessing your Project Settings. Here’s how:

1. Select the Gear Icon located at the top right corner of your screen.

2. In your Project Settings screen, under Layout Aids, you can either turn on or off Snap To and Collision Prevention. Tap Back to return to your project.