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Managing Your KITS Projects

KITS users can utilize the Manage Projects screen to view, copy, and delete synced and archived projects. To get started, tap on Manage Projects from the Project Gallery Screen.

This is your Manage Projects screen where you can view all projects in your KITS account. Here you can also copy, delete and sync new or archived projects.

Project Name: this is the name of your project. Each project is given an arbitrary name of New Project which can be easily edited.
Last Updated: this date reflects the last time you made new changes to a project and saved them.
Project No.: each project that has been successfully synced to your account will receive a unique project number. In this column, any projects that have not been synced (saved) to your account, will display not synced.
Thumbnail Image: this image is a snapshot of your scene in the last view you set before saving your project.
All Projects: the total number of projects in your KITS account (including both synced and cloud projects)
Synced Projects: the total number of projects that are currently downloaded to your device and are accessible.
Cloud Projects (Archived): all projects older than 90 days from the current date

Opening Projects

To open a project from this screen, narrow down your view by selecting a year and month under Synced Projects. On the right side of your screen, click/tap on the Project Name, Project Number, or Thumbnail image to open the project.

Deleting Projects

To permanently delete a project, check the boxes beside the projects you want to delete. You can also use the ‘All’ checkbox to quickly select multiple projects at once. Tap the trash icon to delete the selected projects. A popup window will appear to confirm the deletion of your project, click/tap Yes to continue. KITS will now run a sync to remove the selected project(s) from your account.

Duplicating Projects

To make a copy of a project (duplicate), click/tap the check-box beside a project and then click/tap the copy icon from the top navigation menu. The duplicated project will appear under the current year and month tab and will show the status ‘not synced’. Select Sync Projects to save the new project to the cloud.

Note: you can only duplicate one project at a time.

Syncing Archived Projects

To retrieve archived projects so they are accessible on your device, click/tap Cloud Projects (Archived) from the left side navigation menu. You can also select a year and month to narrow down your selection. Click/tap the the check-boxes beside the projects you want to sync, or use the ‘All’ checkbox to select all listed projects. Next, select Sync Projects to confirm your selection and to start the sync process. Your archived projects will now become synced projects available under the current year and month tab.

Searching for Projects

Use the search bar to quickly locate a project on your device. Click/tap ‘All Projects‘ from the left side navigation menu to search within both Synced and Archived projects. Click/tap on the search bar to enter text. Projects containing search terms in their name will appear highlighted.

Watch the tutorial on Managing Your Projects: