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Manufacturer Carton/Package Count Value

KITS will recognize manufacturer items containing a quantity count per carton/package and allow for the equal amount of items in the carton/package to be added to the scene without incurring additional costs.

Carton/Package Count in List View

In the image sample above, the item is available in a pack of two. Notice the carton/package icon on the left side of the items image. However, under the QTY column, KITS will list a “QTY” count of 1. This represents the quantity of this item that you have added to the scene. Although KITS lists QTY 1, there are two items shown on the line in List View. Keep in mind, pricing is adjusted accordingly to the item’s package count allowed.

In this sample, this item comes in a quantity of three. Since four items are shown on the line, KITS will list a “QTY” of 2. KITS is aware of the manufacturer’s quantity count and adjusts the pricing accordingly. Although for items are in the scene, the order will consist of a total of six chairs.

Here in this sample, when the item is added three separate times, KITS will include the items in the project as three separate line charges. If the Behavior in Project feature under “Quantity Combine” is changed to Keep this one Separate and the item is duplicated two times, then all three items listed will be separate line charges. Even though three items will appear in the scene, this order will include a total of nine chairs.

As a best practice, when using an item with a carton or package quantity, always validate your quantity count and items present in your scene to ensure accurate pricing.