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Setting Your Export SIF Preferences

One of the great features of The KITS collaborator is the ability to export your project into a SIF file, allowing you to effectively communicate and collaborate with your design team. Depending on the manufacturer you are working with, you will need to provide a specific SIF file format. For example, Steelcase dealer’s can only import into Hedberg – their business system – either a SpecSif or a 8-bit legacy SIF file.

All KITS users have their Export SIF set to the default setting, Generic SIF File. However, you can easily change the SIF file format for individual projects to fit specific requirements.

To set the type of SIF file that is exported from KITS, open a project and tap on the Gear Icon to open your Project Settings. Here you can select an option from the Export SIF section. There are 4 export options you can select from:

  • Generic SIF File
  • ProjectMatrix SIF File
  • Legacy SIF File
  • SpecSIF File

Keep in mind, these settings will only affect the individual project that you have opened. All other projects will follow the default Export SIF settings (Generic SIF File). To change your default settings for all projects, follow the steps outlined in our KC Article: Setting Your ‘Default File Export’ Preference (User Profile Level).