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Success Story: Debbie P.

Debbie P.
Outside Sales Representative
Louisiana Office Products, Inc.
Harahan, Louisiana

“I started using KITS about a year ago. While I was in Iowa, my HON representative showed me the program. I fell in love with the way KITS worked to my advantage. KITS has a versatile program that gives me a hand up in my sales profession. I show my customers layouts and at the same time, I can change fabric colors and furniture laminates to give them a totally different look. My clients look at me with amazement because they like that I am using a sales tool to creatively present my solution and that I am also able to make changes immediately. I put in props that they like which shows off the area really well. For instance, I had a university that I was pursuing and with KITS they fell in love with the idea and I landed the job.

Thank you, KITS, for opening the door for me. I use your tool daily! Before using KITS, I always had to go back to the office and refresh the drawing and make changes, now I make changes on site. I would always recommend KITS to anyone that does furniture layouts or any drawings that KITS offers. There is no other sales tool out there that does what KITS does.”