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Success Story: Larry

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“After being loaded on to a flight from Tampa to Atlanta, the pilot informed us that due to some thunderstorms in the area, we would not be moving from the tarmac for a while. I thought I would use the time to work on some of my projects on KITS. After a time, the woman in the next seat inquired as to what I was working on. I explained how we design modern classroom learning environments and showed her some examples. It turns out she was a teacher returning from a conference and she was travelling with about a dozen of her colleagues. Within a few minutes, to the disappointment of the flight attendants, I was standing in the aisle holding up my iPad and presenting options to rows 14 through 20. The teachers were from a local Atlanta district that is currently a customer. Several asked for me to e-mail renderings so that they could show their principals upon returning to school. Never miss an opportunity!”

– Larry | Temple, TX