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Success Story: Nick F.

Nick F.
Business Development Associate
The HON Company
Baltimore, MD

“I have been using KITS for almost a year and a half. I have exclusively worked in the office furniture industry during my career and The KITS collaborator has been an awesome resource to help familiarize myself with HON product. It has also helped me gain confidence with the whole furniture industry when using The KITS collaborator in front of my customers.

KITS really speeds up the sales cycle and conversation when you are meeting with your clients. Once you become capable enough with the app you can render out an entire project in front of your customer fabrics and finishes too!

Before using KITS, I was only learning product from the full line pricer, which is HUGE. KITS gave me an interactive way to learn the product by process of trial and error.

I would recommend KITS to my colleagues to help them get better familiarized with their company’s product, along with generally gaining more confidence in front of customers!”

Renderings created by Nick: