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Success Story II: Robin

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KITS is new to our company and it has made things much easier and quicker. One of the sales reps was trying to get a project done and was on a timeline, so to get some help she shared the project she was working on with me. With absolutely no design background at all I was able to work on her project and finish it off. I selected the proper finishes and add in some chairs to the project. For the rendering, I added in some walls with colour as well as a copier and some plants, I wanted to give the picture a more comfortable feel. With this we sent the quote out to the customer and within the same day we received a PO for the order. This is the first time that this has happened so quickly and it is all because we were able to share projects within KITS. This tool has given me confidence in a field that I am very new to. ”

– Robin |Holland Landing, ON