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Success Story: Robin

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“Last week I was called into the office of our CEO to help with a client project. One of the clients was in NY and the other was down south, they were having a hard time visualizing how the project would like when it was all finished. I was able to set up a WebEx meeting and share my screen. Once I did this they were able to tell me what they wanted to see added and deleted. I used the walls in KITS to give them the dimensions that they were looking for, also they could see how the furniture would look in a realistic setting. This was a great experience for our clients and they loved how quickly they could see how things would come together. Within 20 minutes after the WebEx call was finished they received 3 different renders giving them different perspectives and views of the project. They are now asking for a full quote. KITS makes everything so fast and easy.”

– Robin |Holland Landing, ON