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Syncing While Connected to VPN

Some organizations require their employees to access their corporate network resources through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). These type of networks generally have restrictions, such as but not limited to speed issues, limits on the amount of data that can be download/uploaded and overall connectivity issues.

Using the The KITS collaborator while connected to a VPN can cause connection errors. Most errors can be resolved by turning your VPN connection off and accessing the application directly through your internet source. Please contact your internal IT team for more information on turning your VPN off or any questions relating to your VPN connection.

Note: If your organization utilizes a mobile device management software such as Mobile Iron, XenMobile or IBM Maas360 you may be connected to a VPN.

QuickTip: Turning your device on to airplane mode and connecting directly to a stable WiFi connection will allow you to perform a successful sync baring the device and/or connecting does not timeout. Click here for more information on Syncing.

Next Steps: Windows 10

Turn Off VPN Wired:
1. Click on Network Icon in System Tray.
2. Select Network and Internet settings
3. Select VPN and toggle left to turn off

Turn Airplane Mode On
1. Select Wireless Icon in System Tray
2. Select Airplane Mode
3. Select WiFi network to connect to

Next Steps: iPad

Turn Airplane Mode On
1. Tap on Settings
2. Toggle Airplane Mode right
3. Turn WiFi On