Transferring Your Account to a New Device

If you’re planning to upgrade your current device or you’re looking to transfer your account from an iPad to a Surface, here are the three easy steps you will need to take:

Step 1: Save Your Projects to the Cloud
Step 2: Download, Install, and Sign-in
Step 3: Sync Past Projects and Manufacturer Catalogs

Note: If you are interested in transferring your account from an iPad device to a device running Windows 10, please contact our sales team at or +1 (416) 499-2457 (Press 5).

Saving Your Projects to the Cloud

Before you can access your KITS account on a new device, you will first need to save your projects to the cloud by running a complete sync. To do this, tap Sync from your Project Gallery Screen. You will be redirected to the Catalog Subscription Screen. Tap Sync Now.

Allow your account to run through a complete sync. If you are using an iPad, set your auto-lock function to ‘never‘ or delay as long as possible. Leaving the application or having your iPad sleep will interrupt the sync process.Once the sync has finished, you have successfully backed up your projects to the cloud.

Note: Any projects created after a sync will not carry over to your new device unless you run a sync again.

New Device, Same Credentials

Although you are transferring your account to a new device, your account information remains the same. This means that your Username and Password are the same credentials used on your old device.

If you need help with installing The KITS collaborator on your new device, check out these articles:

How to Download KITS Mobile on an iPad
How to Download The KITS collaborator for Windows 10

After successfully downloading and installing the application, you can now sign in with the Username and Password provided by our Support Team at the time of your registration. Once signed in, you will be automatically logged out of your old device. If you are having difficulties signing into your account, please contact technical support:
+1 416-499-2457, Press 1.
Mon – Fri : 8:30am – 8pm (EDT)

Syncing Past Projects to Your New Device

Now that you have signed into your KITS account on your new device, you will need to run a sync to recover your old projects. Follow the same steps as before (Tap Sync > Sync Now) and allow a full sync to complete. After running this initial sync, you will now need to re-sync manufacturer catalogs to your new device, as those do not carry over. To learn more about syncing catalogs, check out our Syncing Manufacturer Catalogs article.