Version 2.1: All New Features With Each Tap

Our team has been working hard to bring you the very best experience on The KITS collaborator.

Here are the highlights of this update:

All New

  • Edit Item Pricing: fast and easy where to apply various sell discount policies of List Less and Flat Amount to individual items contained in a project
  • Price Zone: Apply various Price Zone List Prices to individual items contained within a project, if multiple prize zones are supported for the model number in question
  • Two-way Sync: Fast and easy catalogue access and management
    – Subscribe to any number of catalogues then download/update with a single tap
    – Dual-stage sync allows items from newly subscribed catalogues to be added to projects within minutes, with corresponding visual components automatically downloading in the background as the app is used
    – In-app notifications indicate when updates to subscribed catalogues become available
    – All projects including those created with the app are automatically backed up to the cloud with every sync
  • Item List View: Quickly find and manage items in complex projects
    – Option/finish details including material swatches now shown in-line for each item
    – Color rendered thumbnails provided for all items
    – Ability to select item instances from list view and have these selections reflected in 3D view, and vice versa
    – Ability to select, group, ungroup, add, remove and duplicate items directly from list view
    – Ability to search for items in the project coming from a specific catalogue
    – Ability to search by model number, description, and option/finish selection
    – Option to display manufacturer assigned GSA SIN codes
  • Self-Guided Training System: Contextual help videos provide simple topical demonstrations of key features and business workflows
  • Camera Calibration feature: significantly improves environment photo realism
  • Floor Removal feature: Allows an entire room of furniture to be quickly and realistically erased from an Environment Photo
  • Quantity Aggregation feature: Identical items automatically combine into a single line item with the option to keep separate as needed
  • Behaviour-in-Project feature: Provides greater control over how items are included in visuals and estimates
  • Add Freeform Item feature: Ability to create ad-hoc items with user defined model number, description and price


  • Project Quick Sheet feature: instantly share customer-ready budgetary estimates including HD Rendering, item details, options and finished, color thumbnail item renderings, and pricing/discounting
  • Share Project feature:
    – Ability to share a project with multiple recipients in one step
    – Recipients now receive not only the project but also all related environment photos and HD renderings
  • HD Rendering Realism

Additional Updates

  • Stability fixes
  • Improved synchronisation process for catalogs and projects
  • Project withmissing graphics grey placeholders found in the project scene can now be refreshed by re-opening the project when you have an active WiFi connection