You are currently viewing The KiSP Extension for CET Designer – Export to Augmented Reality (AR)

The KiSP Extension for CET Designer – Export to Augmented Reality (AR)

To start, The KiSP Extension for CET Designer must be installed. Click here to view the article: How to install The KiSP Extension for CET Designer.

To export a furniture model or block to AR, you will first need to open your CET project.

[ Pin The KiSP Extension as a favorite Component Tab for easy access by clicking on the pin icon or by holding down CTRL + Left Click mouse button ]

Prepare the project for AR. Select at least one manufacturers furniture model or block.

For best results, do not include the ceiling, floor, Zero Point, any text, schedules, help lines or dimensions in your selection. Based on the manufacturer extension, the designer may need to turn off Manufacturer Validation Symbols under the Drawing properties to prevent validation symbols from exporting to AR.

If no model or block is selected, CET will cancel the export:

[ For best results, furniture model or block should be fully specified ]

Once your furniture models or blocks are selected, click on Create Link.

You will be prompted to connect to Yulio.

[ Did you know? You can sign in with any valid Yulio account. This would be a great way to streamline the project between design and sales ]

Select Create an AR Experience from a CET Project

If the overall file size for AR exceeds 75 mb, CET will cancel the export and you will need to reduce the amount of models or blocks selected.

Next, a new window will prompt and allow you to fill in any required details:

  1. Yulio account email – Indicates the current Yulio account you are connected to.
  2. Yulio Company – Your default Yulio Company will automatically apply but you can select from any Yulio Company folders you are connected to.
  3. Enter a project or label name for the AR Experience. The Label cannot include symbols and exceed 140 characters.

You can share the AR Experience via:

Email – Enter recipient’s email address in the box below.

Mobile Device – Enter recipients mobile device phone number.

The Kisp Extension will begin to process the model for AR and will indicate when the upload is completed.

AR Experience sent via email

You will receive an email of the AR Experience share:

Open email then click on link to view the AR model on your default internet browser.

Your browser will open a new window and you will now see a QR code for the AR model allowing you to view the AR Experience on your mobile device.

Click on Got it to continue viewing the model in the browser.

You can now view the furniture model and rotate it in pace by clicking and holding the left mouse button while moving the mouse in any direction. At the bottom center of the browser is the AR Experience label and at the bottom right corner are the AR Experience Viewing buttons.

Viewing Buttons

 Reset view – Resets the model to default position

 Full screen – Maximizes viewing screen in browser.

 AR – Regenerates the QR code for viewing the AR Experience on a mobile device.

AR Experience sent to a mobile device

You will receive a text message to view the AR Experience on your mobile device. Open text and click on the link provided.

Your default browser on your mobile device will open to your AR Experience powered by Yulio VR. Click Yes to start AR mode.

[ Yulio VR will use the mobile devices camera to create the AR Experience ]

Point the camera to the floor where you would like the AR to generate and Yulio VR will populate the AR image to scale on your mobile devices screen. You can now explore the AR model on screen looking around your current environment using the mobile devices camera lens.

Place the AR model to fit your environment by tapping and holding the model on screen with one finger and dragging your finger placing the model to your preferred location.

You can also rotate the model by tapping and holding two fingers on screen and rotating them together.

Once you are satisfied with model placement, you can tap on the on screen camera button to capture an image.

If you click the Object tab, you can view the AR model in virtual space on screen. Tap and hold the screen to rotate the model in place.

Click on the Share icon to share the AR Experience.

Click on the X (close icon) to exit Object mode to view the model on the mobile device browser. You can tap and hold the screen to rotate the model in place.

 Click on Camera Reset to return the model to the default position.

 Click on AR to return to AR mode.