You are currently viewing New KITS Update for Windows 10: Version 2.4.93

New KITS Update for Windows 10: Version 2.4.93

A new version update is available for all users with a KITS license for Windows 10. You can now find version 2.4.93 available for download here or on our Version Updates page.

Release Notes:

  • Object rotation in Scene Builder is now rotated by five degree increments instead of fifteen degrees.
  • List View display of Price Zone/Price List setting enabled at project level.
  • KOE elements in a project are no longer included in the SIF file, if the Hide Items From KOE setting is enabled in the project settings.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Checking Your Version

To find your KITS version number, open a project and from the scene builder, tap on the Gear icon to access your Project Settings. Tap on @ About from the bottom navigation menu and you will see the version number you are currently running on your device.

Updating The KITS collaborator for Windows 10

After you have downloaded the latest version of The KITS collaborator, launch the file to open the Setup Wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions, making sure you “Keep” your data to ensure projects and synced catalogs are not affected by the update. For help with the installation process, click here for our step-by-step tutorial on updating KITS for Windows 10.