New Items and Updates have Arrived for the KITS Design Collection

Introduced in March of 2015, the KITS Design Collection (KOE catalog) enables users to decorate their projects with items such as people, computers, and plants, but also build environments with architectural elements.

Our KITS team has been working hard to further develop the KOE catalog and bring new and improved items to enhance your sales message. We received a lot of positive feedback since launching the catalog from our users and we are excited to announce some new features…

Flooring Options

One of the most requested updates to the catalog was adding color options for flooring. Good news, we have incorporated 100+ swatches that can be applied both rugs and carpets! Neutral, light, medium and dark tones are available for you to choose from.

New Millwork Items

Another feature we’ve introduced in the catalog is a brand new line of millwork items. This includes cabinets and work tops that you can combine to create small kitchenettes, eating areas and cafeterias. With over 40 different swatches and multiple door fronts you can customize every piece to reflect your client’s space.

We are continuously encouraging our users to send in their feedback to help us improve KITS Mobile. If there are any items you would like to see in the KOE catalog you can let us know here.

Our Collaborator of the Week is John from Cleveland, Ohio. A great example of how the new millwork items helped John close the sale by allowing his client to visualize the space.