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User Guide: KITS Mobile XRPro Viewer

Main Menu

Information Icon: displays viewer version number, technical support contact information, privacy policy, and technical information.
Project Name: the name of your project corresponding to the project downloaded into the viewer. Note: font size will decrease based on length of project name to display in full.
Project Preview: displays last camera position/view in The KITS collaborator (tap to view).

Live View Mode

AR Menu Button: access AR options (Home, Camera, Scale).
Preview Icon: switch between Plan View and Live View.
Select Button: select all items or individual items to move/rotate.

Plan View Mode

Preview Icon: displays options while in Plan View Mode.
+ Ruler Icon: toggle custom measurements created with the Tape Measure tool on/off.
+ Live Camera: sends you back to Live View Mode.
Camera Icon: take a screenshot of the Plan View.
Tape Measure Icon: set lock points to take additional measurements of your layout.

AR Menu Screen

Gear Icon: opens the Settings Menu for controlling the application.
Home Icon: return to the Main Menu.
Camera Icon: take a screenshot of Live View (the app must have permission to access your photo gallery).
Scale Icon: adjust the scale of the furniture items in AR.
Back Arrow: return to Live View Mode.