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Viewing Your Projects in Augmented Reality (AR)

Sending to a Mobile Device

A popup windows will appear. Select the country and enter the mobile phone number of your recipient.

Note: Phone numbers are not stored or collected

When you’re ready to send your project tap Send a Link Now. When your project has been shared successfully, a confirmation message will appear, “Project link sent to user successfully“.

In a few minutes, your recipient will receive an auto-generated text message with a unique URL link for the project you wish to share in AR. Tapping this link will automatically open the KITS Mobile XRPro Viewer app. If you do not have this app currently installed on your device, the link will direct you to either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the viewer.

What is the KITS Mobile XRPro Viewer app?
Developed by our team at KiSP, this application works with The KITS collaborator allowing you to experience the full power of Augmented Reality (AR) direct from your Android or iPhone. Transforming how you present your ideas and furniture solutions to clients.

Download the app:

Google Play Store:
Apple App Store:

– Phone must have ARCore installed.
– An internet connection is required for initial setup.
– After setup an internet connection is only required to download further content.

Viewing the Project in AR

With the XRPro Viewer opened, you will see the shared project on the main menu screen. Tap the thumbnail image of the project to view in AR.

Follow along with the on-screen tutorial to get familiar with using the viewer app.

Loading a New Project

You can only have one project in your app at a time. This means when you receive a new link for a different KITS project, the app will ask you if you want to “Close this scene and load new project?“. Tap YES and a new project will appear on your main menu screen. Tap the project to continue.