B2B Office Furniture Sales Made Easy

The SnapTracker Approach

Having been active in the contract furniture industry for 20+ years, we understand buying and managing furniture is a complex process. SnapTracker™'s e-Business solutions make it easy and have become the industry standard for a complete set of e-Business tasks. Whether through direct requisition or e-Procurement integration, you can offer your clients an easy, customized and information-rich buying experience like no other. The e-Business solutions will enable your dealership to go after new contracts, service more customers and transform the traditional offline enterprise into a high-growth online business.


Integrate With Major e-Procurement Systems

SnapTracker™ e-Business solutions connect and communicate with your clients' e-Procurement systems, OCI-SAP or cXML-based, including Ariba, SciQuest, Oracle, PeopleSoft etc. for full "round trip punch-out" capabilities.

Client-specific e-Catalogs

Creating customized PunchOut catalogs that meet your clients' needs: with a limited selection of standard furniture items and complete with color renderings and pricing. Further eliminate the risk of maverick buys or transactional errors by setting up access to different catalogs and product offerings.

A Dramatically Streamlined Process

Build and program any number of workstation configurations to facilitate quick purchasing for full-size, large-scale projects as well as spot buys. The office furniture buying process is dramatically streamlined as P.O.s are instantly generated for internal approval and sent to dealers electronically.

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Feature Highlights

  • Compatible with most e-Procurement and dealer business systems
  • Supports Multi-Currency
  • New Stock and Service Requests
  • Supports Approval Process
  • Create Purchase Requisition Easily with SIF upload
  • Fully Customizable Portal
  • Upload SIF Directly to Shop Cart
  • Controlled Catalog Access
  • CIF Format Catalog

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Open the door to supplementary services revenue.

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