Content Portal

Empower Teamwork and Engage Clients

The SnapTracker Approach

Let your customers step into a world designed just for them. Build an unlimited number of stunning, client-specific portal sites, each unique in its content, standards and functions. It gives your clients a complete view into all information related to their furniture investments, while empowers your team to collaborate and provide better customer support. The good news is, most of this information already exists in your company today--so creating compelling, new sites for your client is easy.


A Place to Build Your Own Intellectual Property

Typically includes:

  • Drawings, PDF's, Isometrics of furniture standards
  • Photos of installation, fabrics & finishes
  • Product guides, specifications/certifications/fact sheets
  • Sourcing help, dealer info. warranty info.
  • Renderings, animations, videos, Fly-thoughs, etc.
  • White papers/Research info. of interest to client

Improve Client Engagement

No more looking through emails, meeting minutes and manufacturer sites, your customers can access all information in one single portal equipped with everything they need-nothing more, nothing less.

Support Collaborative Teamwork

Share files, organize tasks, track projects and due dates all in one portal – enabling your team to respond to customer requests better and faster.

Customizable User Access and Permission Levels

Full control over permission level and user access, so you can decide who can view, create, edit the content.

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